Contracts We Translate

ATTCON International Corporation specializes in the Japanese ⇄ English translation of contracts. The following are examples of the main contracts handled by us.

Purchase and Sale Agreements
Commodity purchase and sale agreements, machinery purchase and sale agreements, building purchase and sale agreements, etc.

Trade Agreements
Commodity trade agreements, reservation order trade agreements, raw material trade agreements, etc.

Lease Agreements
Building lease agreements, land lease agreements, car lease agreements, personal property lease agreements, sublease agreements, etc.

Loan Agreements
Consumer loan agreements, mortgage loan agreements, etc.

License Agreements
Trademark license agreements, software license agreements, etc.

Outsourcing Agreements
Building management outsourcing agreements, manufacture outsourcing agreements, website management outsourcing agreements, etc.

Contractor Agreements
Residential building contractor agreements, construction contractor agreements, etc.

Transfer Agreements
Business transfer agreements, stock transfer agreements, trademark transfer agreements, etc.

Service Agreements
Internet service agreements, maintenance agreements, etc.

Supply Agreements
Product supply agreements, manufactured goods supply agreements, etc.

Research and Development Agreements
Technology joint-development agreements, system development agreements, software development agreements, etc.

Labor Agreements
Employment agreements, worker dispatch agreements, secondment agreements, etc.

Power of Attorney Agreements
Management delegation agreements, after-death clerical delegation agreements, etc.

Consulting Agreements
Investment consulting agreements, management consulting agreements, real estate consulting agreements, etc.

Gift Agreements
Death gift agreements, conditional gift agreements, personal property conditional donation agreements, etc.

Guarantor Agreements
Jointly and severally liable guarantor agreements, identity guarantor agreements, etc.

Trust Agreements
Real estate trust agreements, financial trust agreements, etc.

Transport Agreements
Product transport agreements, industrial waste transport agreements, etc.

Real Estate Agreements
Store opening agreements, real estate brokerage agreements, business use term leasehold configuration agreements, construction agreements, etc.

Confidentiality agreements, copyright agreements, intellectual property rights agreements, franchise agreements, technical cooperation agreements, marketing agreements, joint venture agreements, sales agency agreements, repayment settlement agreements, inventory loan agreements, executive officer appointment agreements, chattel mortgage agreements, advertising agreements, publishing agreements, public performance agreements, stock transfer agreements, etc.