What’s Special About Us

ATTCON International Corporation specializes in Japanese ⇄ English translation of legal documents.

Japanese ⇄ English translation of contracts and other legal documents is an absolutely indispensable service in terms of advantageously promoting international business. Legal documents have their own unique sentence structure and terminology, and the Japanese ⇄ English translation of legal documents require a high level of legal knowledge. In addition, the Japanese ⇄ English translation of contracts and other legal documents in particular require strict accuracy to avoid legal trouble.

1. We offer thorough and excellent Japanese ⇄ English translation services of various types of legal documents. We also use specific legal terminology and expressions unique to Japan and the United States.

2. Our company maintains strict confidentiality and quality control.

3. We support the overseas transactions of our customers.

4. We generally are open all throughout the year.


We respond quickly.

We will deliver e-mail responses and estimates as quickly as possible.


We have excellent translators.

Our translators have expertise in contracts and other legal documents. In addition, our company ensures high quality Japanese⇄English translations that are natural and exact by providing proofreading by native speakers.


We offer legal review by attorneys.

At the request of the client, our company provides legal review of contracts and other legal documents by affiliated attorneys for an additional fee. Please let us know if you desire legal review. We will promptly handle any such request.


We offer free support.

If you have any questions or if anything is unclear after delivery, please feel free to contact us. Furthermore, if by chance there arises anything that should be corrected due to a mistake on our part, please let us know. We will take responsibility and handle it quickly at no charge.